What our users say

  “The Gorilla Fitness app has really helped to reinforce my training and do the right things during the work week, in addition to our initial training when we started.”   

 -- Kathryn Hoots, Inside Sales Representative

     Columbus Blue Jackets (NHL)  

"The Gorilla Fitness app has been a very good, dynamic tool for my sales team.  Some have had problems with shyness or fluency, and with this tool I have seen them measurably develop their sales skills.  They are practicing and improving, and they now have fun making their videos, sharing ideas, and working together."

 --  Paulina Garcia, Manager of Sales and Customer Service

      Xolos de Tijuana Soccer Club, Tijuana, MX

  “I really like how easy it is to use. Bill’s workouts are short and to the point, and having to record yourself right afterwards makes you feel more comfortable about your approach when you’re talking to a live prospect.”   

 -- David Nelson, Account Executive

     Carolina Panthers (NFL)  

  “It’s really quick and easy to use. It’s valuable to use as a sales rep because it keeps me fresh on the fundamentals of sales.”   

 -- Jimmy Donovan, Account Manager

     Portland TrailBlazers (NBA)  

  “Gorilla Fitness has been tremendous in helping our sales team to achieve more this season. I’ve already seen myself connect with others on a deeper level, and the app will help any sales rep become better consultants rather than just salespeople. We’ve had great feedback and results from all our reps.”    

 -- Dustin Koehler, Group Sales Senior Account Executive

     River City Rascals Baseball, O’Fallon, MO  

  “It’s mobile, easy to use, and I’ve learned new tips to help me sell B-to-B and do a better job of painting the picture. This month I was able to close $30,000 in ticket sales, and that would not have been possible without the Gorilla Fitness app.”   

 -- Ryan Conaghan, Sales Associate

    Carolina Panthers (NFL)