Watch the Workout. Record Your Practice Session. Send It to Others.

Your reps receive 1 to 2 Gorilla Fitness lessons per week as a "push" notification on their mobile devices.  They open the app and  watch the brief workout, and record themselves practicing the new technique or lesson they just learned.  They then send it to their peers and their manager for review.  They also watch and review their co-workers' videos, allowing them to learn from their peers as well.  

Available Workouts

Section 1 - Foundations of Sales

A series of 9 lessons covering the definition of sales, "Gaps", why people buy the different kinds of products we sell, the budgets that are available in B-to-B, and the concept of the "Sporting 77".

Section 2 - Opening the Sale

15 different workouts to help your staff develop a strong opening, whether it's with a previous buyer, a new prospect, or a gatekeeper. 

Section 3 - Asking Great Questions

A dozen different lessons spanning a huge range of fantastic open-ended questions to learn, for personal buyers, B-to-B, groups, and more. 

Section 4 - "Painting the Picture"

Three outstanding workouts on how to effectively help your prospect visualize the ownership of your seats.

Section 5 - Objections

Over 20 workouts covering a huge range of the most frequently-encountered objections, including price, time/distance, number of games, stalls and put-offs, personal preferences, and specific group objections.

Section 6 - Closing

5 different workouts on moving people to action, whether on the phone or face-to-face.

More Workouts

Section 7 - Voice Mails

Several workouts dedicated to strategies and tactics to use Voice Mail successfully.

Section 8 - Renewals

Specific ways to encourage current customers to continue their commitment with the team, whether it's for season tickets, mini-plans, or groups.

Section 9 - Referrals

Excellent ways you can learn to specifically ask for referrals in different sales situations, including after a sale, after a favor, and after a lost sale.

Section 10 - Upselling and Cross-Selling

Six different workouts to encourage prospects to ask for a larger commitment, from single games to mini-plans, mini-plans to season tickets, and more.

Section 11 - Customer Service Skills

Six essential skills for customer service excellence, including inbound call best practices and ways to deal with angry customers, 

Sections 12/13 - Time Management and "Tricks of the Trade"

Team-tested techniques for creating the best and highest use of your time as a sports sales professional... and advanced selling techniques for seasoned sales reps.