Does Gorilla Fitness work on any mobile device?

Gorilla Fitness works on any Apple or Android mobile device that has an updated operating system (at least iOS 7.0 or Android 4.0).   

Does Gorilla Fitness work on laptops or PC's?

No; the software is exclusively for use on mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets (iPads, etc.)

How many workouts should me reps do each week?

For sales departments with 12 or fewer reps, (2) workouts per week is ideal. For those with more than 12 participants, the amount of videos to watch can be overwhelming, so we recommend a single, well-chosen workout per week.   

Who chooses the workout they receive each week?

You do!  Once a month, you send in your selections from the current menu of Gorilla Fitness workouts, and our support team will send those lessons directly to their devices.    

What happens if one of my reps leaves the company?

We can re-assign that membership to their replacement, or to someone else on your team. If you need to change the total number of memberships you have, you can modify that number at your 6-month renewal.    

Do the video training workouts only relate to those who have used you (Bill G) as their trainer?

No, although those who have had me as their trainer will recognize many of my signature philosophies and methods. The workouts are based on the tested, proven sales philosophy of relationship-building and prescriptive selling, which is used and preferred in a majority of sports sales organizations throughout North America. While it’s possible that my methodology may differ from your team’s philosophy, you can always cancel in 30 days if you feel that it’s not a good fit.   

More Questions answered

Are you available to come train our staff live?

Yes; I do a limited number of live in-person sales training programs each year. Please call me directly at (815) 932-5878 or refer to my live training site, A live training session with a Gorilla Fitness “after-care” program is a dynamite one-two combination!   

Can we suggest additional Gorilla Fitness workouts?

Yes!  I welcome your suggestions for workouts that would be valuable for you and your staff.  I plan on adding several workouts each quarter to give teams like yours the widest variety of relevant, helpful workouts that are immediately usable and valuable to them.  

Are there suggestions you have for users for best results?

Yes: when a push notification comes in, watch the video and record your workout as soon as possible, and comment on others' videos as soon as you can, to avoid the videos from stacking up.  Cut every video as if it were your best prospect; every practice session is valuable!  

What do we do if there's a technical problem?

Call our support team at (815) 932-5878 or by Email at  We'll be there to help you as soon as possible.