Welcome to Gorilla Fitness

The role play practice app for sports sales reps that turns their mobile devices into a powerful sales training tool

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Gorilla Fitness founder Bill Guertin explains the philosophy behind the app, and how it can dramatically improve the sales skills of today's mobile young professionals.


About The App

Practice is the Only Way to Make Training Stick

Science has proven that if your reps don't repeat and use the training they receive, they WILL lose it.  Gorilla Fitness is designed to make training stick. 

Gorilla Fitness is a Sales Training "Practice" App

Your reps watch a brief 2 to 3-minute video lesson on their phones, then turn the camera on themselves and record themselves doing the very lesson they just learned.  

Everyone Practices and Learns from Everyone Else's Videos

Once their training practice video is recorded to their satisfaction, the rep shares that video with their sales peers AND their manager for evaluation and review.  


Brief, energetic, and relevant

Each module has been personally written and recorded by Bill Guertin, a 30+ year sales veteran and respected sales trainer to dozens of sports sales teams in North America.

Repetition builds memory

When your reps learn something new in Gorilla Fitness, they must immediately APPLY it by repeating it on their video cameras, giving each lesson a much higher "stickiness" factor.

Technology they know

Your sales reps look at their phones more than 150 times a day.  Putting training on their phones allows them to participate whenever and wherever they are, night or day.  

They watch others' videos, too

An important part of the Gorilla Fitness system is the receiving of critiques from their peers AND the critiquing that they do of others' videos.  The whole staff will be listening to and learning from everyone else in a genuine, organic way. 

Points, Stars and Banners

Gorilla Fitness participants receive points and recognition for their participation, adding an element of gamification to the training process.  You can hold sales contests, internal prizes, and more by simply using the system's internal scoring system.  BOO-yah! 

Accountability from the leader

As the program's manager, you award 1 to 5 stars for each rep's workout.  If you score it 3 stars or higher, that rep is allowed to continue when the next workout comes along; a 1 or a 2 star rating means they must repeat it until they get a 3 or better before they can move on.